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Homebuyer Program

Our Los Angeles law firm offers a no cost to the homebuyer program for the buyer who can negotiate our $699.00 living trust fee to be paid by the seller through escrow. It’s exactly like how a home warranty is negotiated and added  into the purchase contract. Homebuyers can also pay our flat rate fee of $699.00 through escrow or by credit card. 

Homeowner Program

Our Los Angeles law firm created our homeowner living trust program to be fast and easy at a flat rate fee of $699.00. Most of our users can complete our living trust questionnaire in 15 minutes or less from the convenience of their cell phone. 

Text Helpline

We know there are several hurdles that get in the way of a living trust being used for your property. At California Home Trust, we simplified the process to be integrated into the California real estate escrow process.

Any questions before, during or after your questionnaire, send a text to our helpline for assistance.

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